About Moxie.

A full service PR firm makes its debut in Montgomery and surrounding counties — Moxie Innovative. Creative strategies, marketing and events are the foundation of this firm, which boasts about 50 years of experience in public relations, political consulting and advertising from Conroe natives, Melanie Schoettle and Kristi Jones Leggett.

Schoettle commented, “We have been friends for a number of years and have worked with each other on various events and projects. I’m glad to finally be officially working with her.” Leggett added, “We are both highly skilled in different genres, yet can work with any field. This is combining the best of two worlds.”

The team has plans for political campaigns, concerts, business promotional events and even producing on-air events. Skills and services to be provided include media services and solutions, video services, web development, social media, advertising campaign development, as well as political campaigns and consulting.

Both Schoettle and Leggett will maintain their individual clients and businesses, with plans for Moxie Innovative to grow quickly. With the experience and network already developed by the founders, Moxie Innovative is set to become the leading public relations firm in Montgomery and surrounding counties.

All are invited to contact Kristi and Melanie for more information or to visit with them about the possibilities for political, retail, hospitality or non-profit organizations.